Hawthorne North Health Center
When it comes to your health
choose the road less traveled.
92 1/2 High Street, Danvers, MA 01923 phone:978-774-9708  email:twc@truewellnesscoverage.com

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Conditions Treated

    Spinal Disc Bulges
    Spinal Degeneration
    Muscle Strains and Sprains
    Whiplash Injury
    Pinched Nerve
    Spinal Misalignment

Middle Back
    Rib Pain
    Muscle and Joint Strains and Sprains
    Shoulder Blade Pain
    Spinal Degeneration
    Pinched Nerve

Lower Back
    Bulged / Herniated Disc
    Disc Degeneration
    Pinched Nerve
    Sciatic Pain
    SIJ Sprain
    Muscle and Joint Strains and Sprains

    Rotator Cuff Injury
    AC Joint Separation
    Joint Arthritis
    Cartilage Tears

    Hip Arthritis
    Muscle and Joint Strain/Sprain
    Cartilage Tears

Knees and Ankles
    Patellar Tendonitis
    Crucitate and Collateral Ligament Tears
    Hamstring/Quad/Calf Muscle Strains
    Sprained Ankles
    Heel Spur
    Meniscus Injury

Elbow and Wrist
    Carpal Tunnel
    Golfers Elbow
    Tennis Elbow
    Peripheral Nerve Entrapment

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